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Items for sale


Below are some of the things that I make for sale. All items are made to order and can be made in a range of colours.If you see something that you like or have any questions, just use the Contact Me page to send me a note.

Baby Blanket

These blankets are made from Minky Baby fleece which is very soft and warm. They have Minky dot on the front and Minky plain fleece on the back. They can be embroidered with the babies name, birth date and a design of your choice.

Size 75cm x 110cm.

Price $60 each

Towel and Washer set

I make these towels and facewasher sets from good quality towels in a size and colour of your choice. I can embroider the towels with or without the satin strip and can be made for any member of the family.

Price $30 for the set or $25 for a towel only.

Footy Blanket
These blankets are made from warm, soft polar fleece with the Club emblem on the front and the embroidered mascot on the back. Size 110cm x 145cm.
Price $50.00 each
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